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 Ontario Highway Traffic Act online...

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Ontario Highway Traffic Act online... Empty
PostSubject: Ontario Highway Traffic Act online...   Ontario Highway Traffic Act online... EmptyWed Mar 28, 2007 8:14 pm

well, i used to give out HTA advice all the time since i knew it like the back of my hand but now it is available online for everyone to view:


so, for those of you who, like me in the past, find yourselves with the lights flashing in your rearview more often than normal, make sure before you send that ticket payment in you look up the section and subsection in the online HTA manual. this is to not only ensure no mistakes were made but that ou weren't intentionally given a bullshit fine by a rookie hot shot cop trying to make a name for himself who thinks you're too stupid to know the fine he's given you doesn't even apply to what he pulled you over for.

and yes, that happened to me several times which is why i know the HTA like the back of my hand Rolling Eyes
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Ontario Highway Traffic Act online...
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